These Man-Shaped Beings Are Gay and There’s Nothing Neil Gaiman Can Do About It (A Good Omens Primer)

The Niche

In the near present you, dear Nichers, will likely be seeing a lot about the BBC/Amazon mini-series of Good Omens. You probably already have—it’s actually a little scary how many non-internet people I know who’ve asked me if I’ve heard about “this new show” like I don’t have every page of the novel inscribed in my brain forever. There’s just a few quick things I, a longtime and vocal fan of the novel, want to make sure everyone knows before it begins.

  1. Good Omens is a book by Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman about the apocalypse, published in 1990.
  2. It is a terribly funny book.
  3. It is also deeply moving.

But all this is besides the point, because, most importantly:

  1. It is gay.

Yes, yes, the kid Antichrist and his friends are cute, there’s some very clever Douglas Adamsian narrative, and friendship saving the day always gets…

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